When you need to identify the most influential media channels and insert your messaging, we can help.

Media Relations Capabilities

We combine world-class experience, leading-edge media tools, and bespoke analytics to identify leaders across communications channels and influence their message.

Media Relations Campaigns

We leverage a broad suite of media tools, bespoke analytics and OSINT (open source intel) to identify relevant journalists and media outlets. We craft pitches that put your messages in front of targeted audiences.

Media Training

Preparing & training your team to speak effectively from defensive and offensive postures, ensuring your message is part of the conversations.

We develop positioning that gets your messages, views, opinions, and perspectives in front of relevant audiences. Whether your objective is to change minds, influence policy or public opinion, gain support for new approaches or ideas, or simply launch a new product; we are experts at getting your message in front of the critical audiences.

Media Relations Campaigns

We design media strategies and identify journalists and media outlets where your messaging will resonate.

Identification of journalists and media outlets.

Positioning and pitching to get you media coverage.

Real-time monitoring of media coverage and results reporting.

Media Relations Training

Your team must be prepared to leverage media opportunities to promote your organizations ideas, perspectives and capabilities.

Our media and spokesperson training is based on real-world experience and the latest research.

Group and 1-on-1 media training and coaching.

We can help you identify and train media spokespersons.